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Yacht Protector Available Information

  • Boat GPS Tracking: Check the current position of the boat and its historical information for the last month by day week and month
  • Position Alert (GEOFENCE): Yacht Protector will send you alerts if the boat moves outside of your user preset geofence area
  • NEW! Mooring Alarm (Instant GeoFence): Simply set the range from 50-500 feet and push the Anchor Button. You will receive an alert if your boat moves outside of the range you set!
  • Sensor summary screen: See the condition of all your sensors on one continuous screen
  • Battery Voltage Indicator and Historical Usage Graph: Yacht Protector will warn you if the battery level exceeds your preset min or max levels AND it will show historical battery usage. Multiple sensors are available to monitor multiple batteries.
  • Intrusion/Motion detection alert: Yacht Protector will warn you if it detects intrusion/motion in your boat.  Multiple sensors are available for motion sensing application.
  • Monitor your boat's local weather and forecast conditions from your mobile app.
  • Monitor the tide and display tidal chart information at your boat's location.
  • Water in bilge alert: Yacht Protector will warn you if it detects water in the bilge.  Multiple bilge alert sensors can be used.
  • Personalize your pages by language, time zone, name of boat, boat image or any other photo. You can select which sensors you want activated, establish parameters for battery range + much more
  • Shore power alert: Yacht Protector will alert you if the shore power is disconnected from the boat.
  • Yacht key security for you and those you authorize to go on board your boat will automatically silence the intrusion/motion alarm​ when on board
  • Main Core internal "stand alone" battery backup if loss of boat battery power
  • Review historical data, geo fence position and logs, including on-board presence with the Yacht Key for authorized persons.
  • Battery Life of each sensor is monitored and displayed
  • Home Screen: Your home screen shows core connection status, satellite connections, sensor status, Yacht Key status, weather at boat location, etc.

User can preset the type of alerts, frequency of alerts, range of alert parameters, notification to multiple users.  Silencing or broadcasting of alarms can be set by apps or on the web.  Silencing is also available via a Yacht Key recognizing owner or holder's presence.