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Yacht Protector Alerts

Users can select the language of their choice and all data will immediately conform to their language and in customary date sequence

Alerts are set by the user to their desired parameters via the website or the app.

View alerts on any mobile device

Once an alert is triggered by a sensor, a push message alert is sent to all of the users contact list along with an e -mail describing the alert. If the alert is not acknowledged, continued push alerts will be sent out every minute for the next 10 minutes unless acknowledged. Along with the 10th unacknowledged alert, a text message will also be sent. If there is no acknowledgement of the alert at this time, the call center operator will begin calling each contact on the contact list in a time frame of 5-45 minutes depending on the type of alert (intrusion is first). If there is no response by anyone on the contact list, the operator will repeat the process four times in an effort to contact the user or their representatives.

Yacht Protector Alerts Timeline

Alert set up options – any alert can either be silenced, armed or set for any specific times on a weekly or daily basis by the user via the app or web.

Yacht Protector Alert Configuration

  • Geo fence can be set to any area simply through the Yacht Protector website, and can be activated or silenced by the app or website. Upon a breach of the geofence an alert will be triggered
  • GPS tracing is automatic and the historical information is selected via the app or the website
  • Intrusion/motion detection is automatic and multiple sensors can be used to cover additional areas
  • Bilge is regulated by the height of the sensor above the water and multiple sensors can be used to measure multiple bilges
  • Battery parameters are set by the user for min and max threshold alerts. Historical information is automatically available. Multiple sensors can be used to measure multiple batteries.
  • Shore power status is automatically monitored

User can preset the type of alerts, frequency of alerts, range of alert parameters, notification to multiple users. Silencing or broadcasting of alerts can be set by apps or on the web. Silencing is also available via a Yacht Key recognizing owner or holder's presence.

Technical Specs

Operating temperature: -10ºC a +50ºC (+14ºF a +122ºF)
Energy consumption in standby:
   Core: 20mA
   Sensors: 50uA
Energy consumption in operation:
   Core: 80mA
   Sensors: 20mA operates with R6 Lithium Polymer AA
Impedance communications antenna: 50 Ohms
CORE power supply: 12V/24V ( 2A )
Battery Sensor input: 12V / 24V
Shore Power Sensor input: 120V—220V ( 60 MHz—50 MHz )
Sending power Bluetooth module (BLE): +3dBm
Operating distance between sensors and Core: 15 meters ( 49 feet )
Distance of control Yacht Key: 10 meters (33 feet )
Positioning system: GPS, GLONASS, QZSS
Core dimensions:
6.5” x 4” x 1.25”
Sensor dimensions: 3”x 3’x 1”

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How Yacht Protector Works