LIVE Demo of Yacht Protector Mobile App Yacht Protector - Wireless Yacht Security

Yacht Protector - Live Demo!

Test drive the phone app NOW! No registration required. Simply install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and login using our demo user and password. You'll be able to view live sensor data from our Yacht Protector demo vessel.

Feel free to click around and view the various app screens or you can follow along with our guided demo tour below!

Guided Demo Tour:

  • Install the Yacht Protector phone app
  • Launch the Yacht Protector phone app
  • Login using the demo credentials (user: Yacht, pass: demo)
  • Click on the first image below. Navigate through the demo by continuing to click on the enlarged images (Click on the right side to move forward - click on the left side to move back). Follow along on your smart phone!

Test Drive Yacht Protector Now!

Download the APP and see the LIVE conditions of our demo vessel from your smart phone.

iPhone app available on the App Store Android app available on Google Play


Login Information:

Use the following login credentials to access the live demo via the phone app:

User Name: Yacht
Password: demo