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Yacht Protector Components

Wireless sensor system consisting of a main core unit and a series of small wireless sensors that can easily be placed in user selected areas to monitor the conditions of your boat. Each core system can monitor up to 16 sensors in addition to the boats GPS position. The basic system includes the core and 4 sensors: Intrusion/motion, water, battery and shore power. Additional sensors can be easily linked as available and include, temperature, smoke detection, photo capture and a repeater module which can expand the current system to add up to an additional 13 sensors.

is a plug-and-play wireless system that is simple to set up and use.  Installation requires no cutting of existing wires or vessel modifications.

  • Go to the web and register your unit to activate it,  select your language and choose your own user name and password to get started.
  • Next, download the app to your smart phone and sign in using the user name and password you chose.
  • Then simply plug the core into any 12/24 volt source via its supplied plug or by direct wiring.
  • Pair each sensor to the core via a simple and very quick pairing process.
  • Using the web or mobile app you can customize your sensor names and system settings.
  • Then place each sensor in position and you are all set to go!

Yacht Protector - Sensors

Yacht Protector Starter Kit

Download the APP and see the condition of your boat from as many devices as you like!
iPhone app available on the App Store Android app available on Google Play

Insurance discounts available for boats with Y​a​cht Protector on board!