Yacht Protector - Wireless Yacht Monitoring Yacht Protector - Control, Planning, Monitoring, Tracking plus much more of all your important boat information through the Yacht Protector app to mobile devices or a computer (Internet of Things). Plug and play system that's easy to install with no cutting of wires so you can self-install! Insurance discounts available from and other insurers.

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is the perfect companion for monitoring the important conditions and location of your boat from anywhere in the world.

Small wireless sensors connected to a central core, (which has more than two weeks self-sufficiency on its own battery power) make our system a reliable monitor to keep you informed about your boat. Simple installation, which requires no cutting of wires, coupled with an easy to use intuitive app in four languages, provide current and historical information at the touch of a screen.

Alerts include instant push notifications, email and text messages to you and your designated contacts. If there is no acknowledgement after the initial push alert, push notifications will repeat every minute for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the system will generate a text message. If there is no response to the text message you and your designated contacts (in rotational order) will receive a call from the call center.